Consider this Simple Website Design Tips while Developing a Website

Generating enough website traffic by capturing visitor’s interest is a factor that determines the success of Internet marketing. There are numerous techniques that the best Internet Marketing Strategies make use of in order to ensure that their Website Design encourages a user to stick on to their web page.

The Internet marketing strategies such as blogging, article marketing, search engine optimization and email marketing depends on the quality of your Website design to close the sale.  Listed here are the five fundamental rules of thumb to observe to ensure whether your Website performs well.

1) Avoid using splash pages

Splash pages are the first pages you see when you arrive at a website. These pages have images with words like ‘welcome’ or ‘click here to enter’. Eventhough they add the beauty of your website, they are of no real purpose. So try to avoid such pages in order to create interest on your website.

2) Avoid using excessive banner advertisements

You will be wasting valuable Website real estate if you are using banner advertisements. Instead of banner advertisements, try to provide more valuable content and weave relevant affiliate links into your content.

3) Have a simple and clear navigation

By providing simple and clear navigation menu even a child can use your website with out any one’s help. Also, make sure that you are not using complicated Flash based menus or multi-tiered dropdown menus.

4) Have a clear indication of where the user is

While visitors are immersed in browsing your site, you must provide a clear identification of where the user is at that moment. Doing so, they will be able to navigate to any section of your website easily.

5) Do not use audio on your site

Using audio on your website may create annoyance to the visitors who are reading your content. If you want to add audio, ensure that volume or muting controls work fine. Make sure that every aspect of Website Design contributes to your website’s ultimate objective.

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