Top 10 Web Design Mistakes

Web designing is an area of excellence that not only requires great knowledge and skill in designing websites, but also requires profound industry experience working with different type of businesses. Since a website is the first gateway for your clients to know about your company and the services and products offered by your company, it is very much important to maintain a website that is both captive and professional looking to impress and hold your clients to it. Simply designing a website with multi colored images and flash animations cannot win good clients. You can neither attract popular search engines to your website with such unnecessary colors and images. But there are numerous factors that lead to effective client satisfaction. Webmasters often commit so many mistakes in their life with the impression of designing attractive websites.

Unlike a personal website, a business website should always be designed with contents and images that are simple, interesting and up to the point rather than annoying and tempting the readers to go leave your site immediately and shift to another. Since web surfers who are in urgent need for a particular product or service would like to go to the content at once, flashing animation intros and splash pages would definitely make them impatient which may persuade them to skip your site. So, use simple images and graphics that are necessary for the content. You should also avoid stuffing pop ups and full screen ads that take a lot of loading time. Avoid boring graphics and photos as well. Also make the navigation of your site simple so that anyone can easily access the pages of your website.

While designing your website, remember to include a quick feedback or comment system so that your customers can find it comfortable to offer their feedbacks. In order to provide a professional appeal to your site, always keep the contents precise by differentiating it with advertisements. Always include relevant contents on your site without stuffing it with jargon. If you have a shopping site, provide the opportunity to shop with several ways such as by product type, by manufacturer, by price etc. When providing an online form to be filled, include options to make changes without the need for re-entering everything again that can torture your customers.

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