Common Mistakes to be Avoid while Designing a Website

A website provided with attractive and quality web design is the most important factor to impress your prospective clients. You can either assign the job of designing your website to a professional web designer or can do it yourself if you are qualified and experienced in it. But, if you wish to design your own website, make sure that it is free of all types of errors that can adversely affect the performance and ranking of your website. But if you are professional web designer, then you seldom make such mistakes. Mistakes often occur to those who are new to the field. In this article, we will provide you with some important tips of how to avoid common mistakes in web designing.

The most common mistake committed by web designer is stuffing their website with multicolored, eye-straining images with the intention of grabbing the attention of visitors. But actually, including such color combination can make the contents of your site unreadable and not clearly visible. If you are a skilled designer, you can provide good color selections so that it can attract your clients without irritating them. Other big mistakes often seen are in the selection and application of fonts. People are keen in trying out trendy, fancy fonts that are sometimes unreadable to older people. It is always better to include simple fonts to your contents that can be easily read by every one alike.

Always keep control on your user’s web browser. It often happens that the use of certain software can redirect the visitors without their involvement or can open numerous windows simultaneously. Such cool welcome or navigation to your site can tempt your visitors to abolish visiting your site a second time. So be careful while choosing the browser of your user. Always make it user friendly. Some people with the intention of making their website more attractive and interactive make use of lots of flash and multimedia applications. But, stuffing such application can slow down the loading time of the pages of your site and annoy your visitors who are searching for a specific product or services similar to that offered by your site. Impatient audience will often skip the page and go to another website. So make it simple without stuffing unnecessary music and flash animations that can reduce the quality and utility of your website.

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